Landscaping is an important part of the look and feel of your home, and there are great ways to improve the quality of your front and backyard landscape in Omaha. A large feature that you can add to your yard is a retaining wall. There are lots of options that you can choose from when picking retaining walls in Omaha and here are a few of our options.

Basic Retaining Walls

There are some basic retaining wall options that you can include into your landscape if you aren’t sure where to start. One option for a basic retaining wall is to use it as a garden barrier. Original retaining walls were designed to help stop dirt in gardens from spreading into the yard. Now, we are able to build them to look more elegant, while still being useful to keep dirt contained. A retaining wall that is used for a barrier can vary in height, you can have it be short with just a few layers of stone or brick, or a taller one.

Complex Retaining Walls

If you aren’t wanting the simple one layer retaining wall, then you might want a more complex retaining wall style. This can be done by including a second retaining wall behind the first wall to add an extra layer of depth. You can use the bottom retaining wall as seating and have a garden or walkway between the two retaining walls

Why Choose TMG Enterprises

We are a team of outdoor living contractors in the Omaha area, and are experts in retaining walls. With all retaining walls you have the choice of materials and design and we work to help you design the retaining walls of your dreams. We are also experts in landscaping, outdoor living features, lawn care, pools, pest control and snow removal.

For more information about retaining walls in Omaha, contact TMG Enterprises today!

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