How Can Proper Lawn Care Stop Pests?

Lawn care is extremely important to have done once in a while to make sure your grass is healthy. The health of the grass around your home can affect the other plants around it. Without proper lawn care, the grass around your home can grow very tall and facilitate weed growth. This kind of environment is ideal for many of the pests that live in unkempt lawns everywhere.

What Kind Of Pests Like Tall Grass?

The first kind of pest that proper lawn care can stop are bugs and other insects. Many types of bugs love to live in tall grass such as mosquitos, fire ants, and gnats. These kinds of pests develop populations in damp conditions facilitated by tall grass. These pests can cause disease to not only you, but the grass itself, and be a general annoyance to the homeowner. Proper lawn care ensures that the grass will never be able to facilitate large populations of these kinds of pests, keeping you bug-free in the summer.

The pests lawn care can keep out are rodents. Rodents such as mice love to scamper around in tall grass for one main reason. This is because small rodents are able to hide from predators in the sky, birds, in tall grass. Having rodents around your house increases the likelihood that they will end up in the house at some point. That’s a problem no one wants to deal with.

The other problem rodents bring in tall grass is the presence of snakes. Snakes tend to follow the food and when you have lots of rodents in the grass, you’ll have lots of snakes. This is obviously dangerous and can be avoided with lawn care.

How Does Lawn Care Prevent Pests?

Lawn care is great for preventing pests from running around in your lawn. Obviously one reason is that landscaping contractors keep the grass cut, preventing the lawn from harboring pests in the first place. The other one is a little less obvious. Certain chemicals that promote healthy grass also help keep certain insects away from your lawn. This is extremely good for you as no one likes dealing with bugs in the summer.
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