Lawn Care in Omaha, NE

Just one drive through an upscale neighborhood in Omaha will reveal some of the best lawns in the country. But those pristine lawns don’t happen naturally, they require extensive maintenance to retain that beauty all season long. TMG Enterprises has vast experience with the soils of Omaha and the surrounding areas, and can formulate the precise blend of seed, fertilizer, weed control and mowing/trimming services to keep your lawn in faultless condition.

At TMG Enterprises Lawn, Snow, and Landscaping, we know that it’s important to make a good first impression. That’s why we focus on commercial landscaping to make sure that your business puts its best foot forward. We offer the same services for both commercial and residential lawn care and maintenance, so your lawn will always stay pristine.

Don’t let your lawn become the scourge of your neighborhood; make it the envy by allowing TMG Enterprises to consult with you to craft a maintenance plan for your yard or commercial property that is custom tailored to your style and budget.

Lawn Care Services for your Omaha backyard:

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing and Trimming
    • Our weekly mowing and trimming services will make sure your lawn looks pristine at all times. We have the equipment to make sure this process goes smoothly and quickly so you don’t have the noise of mowers outside your window for very long. Lawn mowing and trimming doesn’t have to be stressful when you have someone else, like TMG Enterprises, do it.
  • Custom 6 Step Fertilizer Program
    • Our custom 6 Step Fertilizer Program guarantees that you will walk away with a beautiful garden and lively plants. Our prices are extremely low for the quality service you will be receiving from this. Call for more information about our customized program.
  • Landscape Maintenance
    • Our landscape maintenance is the best and most timely in the business. We make sure that your home has the best looking grass, plants, and other greenery by way of consistent upkeep. We want to ensure your exterior is always green to make sure we never have to replace one brown patch of grass.
  • Bush Trimming
    • Our bush trimming services will keep them from overgrowing and in shape. Out of shape bushes can ruin the entire look of your home. We will trim and reshape your bushes if needed just to ensure the overall look of your home is never impacted by something as small as a branch sticking out. This can also clear walkways and keep overgrown bushes from becoming a bigger annoyance.
  • Weed Spraying
    • At TMG we use premium chemicals and pest solutions to make sure weeds that come around, don’t come back. We like to make sure that when we deal with a problem, it stays solved for the sanity of our customers. If you have a weed problem, you should consider our weed spraying services.
  • Sod Installation
    • Sod is a great alternative to the usual seeding method of lawn care. We have experience in sod installation and if you wanted to try it for your new home, or replace your existing lawn system, we would be happy to replace it for you. Sod has a multitude of benefits over regular seeding including not having to worry about your grass drying out.
  • Aerate and Overseed
    • Lawn aeration is a process that creates holes in soil to make sure your grass can reach the necessary nutrients, water, and air down in the ground. Proper aeration will improve the health of your lawn and prevent brown patches by way of natural lawn health.
  • Spring/Fall Leaf Clean-up
    • In the spring and fall, no one wants to rake leaves. We clean up leaves in record time and can make an annoying chore into a simple phone call when working with us.
  • Plant and Tree Installation
    • If you are looking for shade or for some more greenery in your yard, it may be time to install a tree into your yard. Trees are a great, natural way to provide shade and fit in almost anywhere. We love installing trees at homes as they provide a natural solution to a common problem. A tree outside your home can also save on your electric bill as the shade will make you use the A/C less.
  • Re-Mulching
    • We provide re-mulching services to all gardens to ensure that they receive the proper care they need. Mulch has many benefits to your garden and they add up to plant health. To learn more about our mulching solutions check out our website!

Making your outdoor dreams a reality!

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