Retaining Walls with TMG Enterprises

At TMG Enterprises we are the premier provider of Landscaping and Hardscapes throughout the Omaha area. Building retaining walls just becomes second nature when you’re creating landscapes for homeowners and especially for commercial spaces. If your yard or business has never had a drainage or slope problem, you are in the minority and should consider yourself lucky. If you’re here on our page looking for retaining wall info and a dependable contractor, you’ve found both! Your home or commercial property is a huge investment, and we believe you should get to enjoy every square inch of it!


Our goal at TMG is to treat our customers like family, the way we would want to be treated by a contractor at our own home. A retaining wall can be as simple as a low three foot wall for a garden bed that provides a course for drainage or it can be as huge as building up a hillside for condos, buildings or for parking. Whatever size retaining wall you need, we can help you get there safely and cost efficiently. Give us a call and let us show you how attainable a retaining wall is for your space or property. If you can dream about it, or if you just need it on the exterior of your Omaha area home or business, we can help you design it, build it, maintain it and beautify it for years to come!

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Why You Might Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are often installed to prevent property damage from unwanted drainage or the shifting of soil. A retaining wall can also be necessary to create a flat surface for a patio or pool. Leveling off your empty, unusable outdoor space with the help of a retaining wall can provide you with more useable space for your home or business and often serve as a property boundary. We can create a retaining wall to meet your needs.

Walls Structural Integrity and Uses

A properly designed retaining wall can be an attractive feature that still fixes a major problem. With a variety of building materials and configurations at our disposal, TMG Enterprises will work with you to create a retaining wall that is an extension of your Omaha area home or business. We will design and build any type of retaining wall needed, from a small decorative wall to an engineered structural wall. Our team has the resources to design, install and build a structurally sound retaining wall.

Materials for Retaining Walls

Materials for retaining walls can vary based on the height, structural needs and the natural environment. If your wall is based on garden beds and creating levels and ways to draw the eye, your material options can be limitless. Without the need for a true structural or heavy load hold, you can truly pick a material that works for your environment. When dealing with taller, structurally engineered walls, materials are often not a choice.

  • Wood – pressure treated varieties such as pine and fir that are rated for ground contact could last 40 years as a retaining wall! Crushed stone footing and any drainage behind the wall that’s necessary can create a beautifully dramatic look for any landscape. Can be a DIY project, but we’re always happy to help!
  • Poured Concrete – definitely a job for professionals and should only be considered in certain conditions and locations. Creates sharp lines and function for high design look.
  • Masonry – can be natural stones, various types of brick, concrete block, stacked stone or flagstones along with mortar and rebar-reinforced footings. Without the use of mortar, if just a dry stack look is being utilized, a crushed stone footing is all that’s needed.
  • Interlocking Concrete Blocks – come in a huge variety of colors, textures and materials. Easy to use and fit together easily. Concrete retaining wall blocks can also mimic the look of natural stone. Crush stone footing and heavy-duty mesh will ensure an interlocking concrete block wall will maintain its integrity.

TMG Retaining Walls, Seating Walls & Pillars

Let the experts at TMG Enterprises Landscaping design and build a retaining wall for your home or business that is not only functional but also adds visual appeal to your property. In addition to retaining walls, the artisans at TMG Enterprises can also install freestanding seating walls and pillars to complete your project.

Ensure Your Retaining Wall is Functional, Transformative and Warrantied

A retaining wall can transform a generic backyard into an elegant courtyard. Your retaining wall structure also adds strength and appeal to any commercial design. TMG Enterprises can work with your existing Omaha landscape to help incorporate a stylish and functional retaining wall that will accentuate the natural balance of your property, while serving its necessary purpose. TMG Enterprises can design and install a retaining wall structure to add usable space, beauty, and value to your property in Omaha, NE. We design our retaining walls to make sure rain and moisture drain away from your structures. Reinforced retaining walls are structurally sound and engineered to take on steep slopes, hills and drainage. We also design and install paving stone patios and walkways. All of our patios, sidewalk, driveways, and walls are installed with a 5-year warranty, so all you have to worry about is creating the landscaping project of your dreams.

Let Our Team at TMG Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for You

Contact TMG Enterprises today at 402-669-1854 with questions about our Hardscape Design and Retaining Wall business or for free quotes or additional information. We can take that empty space of a backyard and create an oasis for your friends and family to gather. We can fix that drainage issue. We can create usable space for you or your business. Browse our website for more information about lawn maintenance, outdoor living options, snow removal, fire pits or retaining walls. Contact Us